Have you ever been to Sicily?

Ultra secular olive trees and a small wood virgin cork oak immerses us in our Mediterranean maquis.
Where Sicilian stories meet with the bond of love for the memories, we produce extra virgin olive oils.
Coffee in exclusive blends traditional wood roasted coffee beans, the sublime smell of our fresh citrus fruits, lemons and much more.


Nature and Inspiration

In the center of the Mediterranean, the biodiversity of Sicily is immense and we have unique flavors.
We live in a beautiful place where the land is fertile and generous.
In every corner there is a story of men and agriculture. 


All inside a glass bottle

All inside a glass bottle, even with the attention to design and details handcrafted. By tasting our products you take a culinary journey to your home, remember your holidays in Mediterraneo. The choice of the best raw materials, the fields, the use of the seasons, the folklore of the fruits harvesting. Not only enjoy some of the terroir heritage excellence, but the opportunity to think a next visit as turist along the agricultural traditions of Sicily.


One of the world's best Olive Oil

Our effort for obtain a fresh and high-quality extra virgin olive oil, one of the world's healthiest foods

New York International Olive Oil Contest - USA

The (NYIOOC) New York International Olive Oil Competition is an annual extra virgin olive oil competition founded in 2013 by Curtis Cord, the publisher of the trade journal Olive Oil Times.

Japan Olive Oil Prize Tokyo - Contest Japan

The most professional competition in Japan, since 2013. The Japan Olive Oil Prize is an international contest that aims at promoting extra-virgin olive oils of all origin in Japan.

EVO International Olive Oil Contest Italy

EVO IOOC competition promotes and enhances the sector of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. EVO International Olive Oil Contest® was born thanks to Dr Antonio G. Lauro.


SILVER AWARD - New York International Olive Oil Contest - NYIOOC 2018 Nocellara Monovarietale


Native Varieties

Native Varieties we guarantee the absolute use of sicilian olive cultivars

Safeguard Biodiversity respect of land and improving condition to maintain its wild personality

Right Moment the seasons are an orchestra, we take care of each plant in its phenology

Where we are

It is very simple to discover where we are, maybe you can visit us during your next journey in Sicily

We delivery where you want

What you want! All the sicilian products you need,
Valmore will delivery to you with the most reliable express courier of the world