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Have you ever been to Sicily?

Ultra secular olive trees and a small wood virgin cork oak immerses us in our Mediterranean maquis. Where Sicilian stories meet with the bond of love for the memories, we produce extra virgin olive oils. Coffee in exclusive blends traditional wood roasted coffee beans, the sublime smell of our fresh citrus fruits, lemons and much more.

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100% Sicilian
Native Varieties we guarantee the absolute use of sicilian olive cultivars Safeguard Biodiversity respect of land and improving condition to maintain its wild personality

Nature and Inspiration

In every corner there is a story of men and agriculture. We live in a beautiful place where the land is fertile and generous. In the center of the Mediterranean, the biodiversity of Sicily is immense and we have unique flavors.

All inside a glass bottle, even with the attention to design and details handcrafted. By tasting our products you take a culinary journey to your home, remember your holidays in Mediterrraneo. The choice of the best raw materials, the fields, the use of the seasons, the folklore of the fruits harvesting. Not only enjoy some of the terroir heritage excellence, but the opportunity to think a next visit as turist along the agricultural traditions of Sicily.

Right Moment the seasons are an orchestra, we take care of each plant in its phenology
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  2. Stone Milling
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the Tummìnia, Russello, Perciasacchi, Bidì, Biancolilla, Maiorca, Capeti, Senatore Cappelli

Seeds Quality Inspection
Each batch that is collected is divided by quality, purity and provenance of the place of cultivation, big bags and 25kg bags to aerate the seeds. Analyze its tecnic peculiarities, preserve its purity purging from strange seeds. Stored in a clean, dry and fresh place.
Technical Quality Research
According to the request of the desired product, we choose the most suitable seeds and the variety of ancient Sicilian grain to obtain the best success ratio in the final product.
Natural Stone Milling
The key to our success of our ancient wheat flour, and after for the best pasta-processing, with a low speed of rotation and temperature allows us to extract every part of the seed in one pass, preserving all the pure taste.
Integral Flour packing
After milling, we can decide to sieve to extract the fiber and some parts of the seed. But our customers likes the Whole integral flour and it adds to our pasta a typical unconfounded brown color that smells of genuine and tradition.
Taste Box29
  • - 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Monovarietale
  • - 500g Busiata Trapanese Integral Wheat Tumminia
  • - 180g Patè di Olive Verdi
  • - 500g Green Olives Nocellara
  • - 250g Coffee Beans Blend from 7 Origins ITALIANA604
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Premium Box99
  • - 6x 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Monovarietale
  • - 6x 500g Busiata Trapanese Integral Wheat Tumminia
  • - 3x 180g Patè di Olive Verdi
  • - 4x 500g Green Olives Nocell.
  • - 1kg Coffee Beans Blend from 7 Origins ITALIANA604
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Plus Box59
  • - 3x 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Monovarietale
  • - 3x 500g Busiata Trapanese Integral Wheat Tumminia
  • - 2x 180g Patè di Olive Verdi
  • - 2x500g Green Olives Nocell.
  • - 500g Coffee Beans Blend from 7 Origins ITALIANA604
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