A summer day in the olive grove

When I'm working in the olive grove, i walk always under the trees, looking for a track, communicate with the plants needs, especially in the summer, when they are in water stress. Rarely you fail to look far beyond the trees, for far and wide as it is surrounded, as well as from above there is always something that delimits the sky. Then I bend down on their knees to look away if I hear barking a fox, the olive trees are thousands and thousands around the horizon.


"They are repeated but each has a different personality as original and branches and their trunk."

Walking then a big tree Pinus Pinea at a point, the big shade cover about 20 olive trees during the day. A big refreshment to magpies, doves, pigeons and hoopoe, a strange bird that looks almost came out of a Darwin trip to some distant island. I usually stop there in to watch the pines cone on the ground fallen with the wind. The smell of the earth and resin is characteristic, when I realize that the sweat on the face has already taken all tastes along the way.