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Nocellara Monovarietale

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thousands of years cultivated in Sicily, a single cultivar, a good five months of drought, emphasize its character raw and wild, a rich aroma unique in taste, a dream of distant lands lapped by the Mediterranean sea.

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FORMAT dark green glass bottle, 0,10L - 0,25L - 0,50L - 0,75L - 1L and 3L - 5L bag in box
TYPE extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction, 100% Italian
CULTIVAR / VARIETY only Nocellara del Belice
PRODUCTION AREA southwest Sicily, Castelvetrano
ALTITUDE from 50 to 200 meters s.l.m.
CLIMATE mild winters, prolonged summers tend to dry
COLLECTION manual, mechanical stripping and facilitators from mid-October until mid-November
TRANSPORT in boxes of 21 kg during the collection and storage of hours in crates of 250 kg perforated for ventilation of the olives
TRANSFORMATION within 12 hours of harvesting, leaf removal and washing, pressing mechanical, 35-45 minutes of kneading with temperature below 27 ° C centrifugal extraction, oil yield 15 kg per 100kg olives
STORAGE silos of stainless steel 316 with a constant temperature, atmosphere saturated nitrogen for food
FILTRATION none, natural settling
ACID <0.15% express as oleic acid (<0.22 when packed)
CONSERVATION keep in dry place, protected from light and heat sources, 18 months from date of packing
SENSORY / TASTE thick with shades of green and gold reflections, medium to intense fruity, medium bitter, spicy. Aromas of sweet almond and artichoke, tomato leaves, fresh grass, tomato and ripe fruit
SERVING SUGGESTIONS in the kitchen as the restaurant to bring out the great Mediterranean dishes or as finishing, versatile on simple ingredients for a definite touch, use both raw and cooked

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